IR Remote Extender Kit

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The IR Remote Extender Kit (500600) allows up to four (4) audio-video sources to be controlled via remote IR up to 2,200 ft (670m) away from the display via Cat5e/6 cable. The product comes with one (1) IR Sensor (500999) and four (4) IR Emitters (500998) for maximum cabling versatility. The product also features three (3) pairs of screw terminal blocks allowing the three (3) unused twisted pairs to be accessed for other low voltage services such as balanced video, audio or data.

  • IR Remote up to 2,200 ft (670m) via Cat5e/6
  • Screw terminal blocks for pass-thru of other low voltage services such as audio or video.
  • Includes one IR Sensor (500999)
  • Includes four IR Emitters (500998)
Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 2.36 H x 5.51 W x 9.84 L in (25.00 × 14.00 × 6.00 cm)

Copper/UTP, IR

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