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Communicate with your customers quickly, easily, and efficiently.

We understand the importance of tailored content. DigiSign allows you to reach out to your customers with precise and efficient communication.


Spot on templates
for your business.

DigiSign offers a wide-range of templates crafted to help your business reach its full potential.

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From retail to hospitality,
we cover you everywhere.

Our diverse range of templates help you to target your audience with well crafted templates that will do the job for you.

Features to bring your business to the next level.

Send the right message and create content with ease.

franchise digital signage


Ideal for both small and large restaurants and sports bars. Whether a few monitors or hundreds of displays, DigiSign has you covered.

School digital signage


What's more important than sending the right message to your students and keeping them engaged? Let DigiSign help you connect with ease.



Keep employees up to speed on company news and events or spread your message to visitors.

Waiting room digital signage


Share news and tips, decrease perceived wait times, and drive repeat visits. DigiSign allows you to inform and entertain your most important audience.



Your guest experience is important to you. Make guests feel welcome by creating a personalised guest experience.



Motivate and educate your most  important audience with custom and curated content to keep them engaged, in shape, and involved.

Retail signage


Connect your customers with your brand. Share news, promote specials, and support your brand with DigiSign. Creating content is a breeze and managing it is even easier.

Church signage

Religious Venues

Spread your message and share your knowledge so no one misses out. Create custom content or keep your followers up to speed on events and important news at all times.

Go above and beyond by personalizing
your client's experience.

Give your company's signature to your signage with our
ever growing libraries of widgets, icons and features.

Schedule Content

Easy to use schedule allows you to schedule content daily, monthly, and every annually.

Widgets for Everything

User-friendly widgets for text, images, videos, slideshows, stocks, RSS, text tickers, forex, custom code, weather, and more.

Cloud Based

Safely store your content and easily access them.

Template Library

Choose from our large bank of pre-designed templates to make content creation easy. Templates designed for all applications and markets to choose from.

Code on Your Own

Our software accepts embedded code and allows users to create custom code (HTML/CSS/Javascript).

Amazing Support

The MuxLab support team is here for you.  Contact us anytime and speak to one of our Digital Signage experts whenever you need us.

What type of experience suits you best?

Tailored content for every market.

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