CEDIA NEWS: MuxLab Solutions Support 4K/60 Connectivity and Streamline Signal Delivery

SAN DIEGO, CA, CEDIA Booth 4654 – MuxLab’s new HDMI 4×4 Matrix, 4K/60 (model 500444) and HDMI 8×8 Matrix, 4K/60 (model 500443) connects either four or eight HDMI sources to four or eight displays. Both support up to 4K@60Hz plus all 3D formats on every HDMI output for true 4K/60 performance. Independent EDID control allows individual output scaling to achieve a perfect matrix system even when using displays that support different maximum resolutions. Every source is accessible at any time by any display in the matrix. Selection is enabled by remote control via IR, RS-232, TCP/IP or by pressing buttons on the front panel of both devices.

MuxLab’s new HDMI/RS232 Extender Kit, HDBT, 4K/60 (model 500459) connects a 4K@60Hz AV source to its HDMI display up to 131 feet in distance using one CAT5e/6 cable, or up to 230 feet at 1080p. RS-232 and bidirectional IR travel along the same cable allowing for remote control of the source equipment through the displays. This Extender provides a simple method of point-to-point AV extension with high quality output for true remote 4K/60 performance.

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For more information: press@muxlab.com