[DISCONTINUED] SCART/Péritel Balun500060, 500061

The SCART/Péritel Balun allows a single composite video or S-Video signal plus stereo analog audio signals to be transmitted via unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable in the European SCART/Péritelvision/Euroconnector environment.  The SCART/Péritel Balun functions as a transmit/receive pair and features two (2) models: 500060 and 500061; The 500060 is connected to the video source (transmit) and the 500061 is connected to the video display (receive). The product is compatible with MuxLab’s 500001, 500012, 500016, 500017 and 500201 for a more cabling versatility.


    • Supports Composite video, S-Video & Stereo Audio
    • Supports PAL, SECAM, NTSC
    • Supports SCART, Péritel, Euro connector
    • Composite video up to 670m via Cat5 UTP
    • S-Video up to 305m via Cat5 UTP
    • Stereo audio up to 1.5 km via Cat5 UTP
    • Works in conjunction with other MuxLab products such as 500001, 500012, 500016, 500017, 500200
    • 500060: Transmit (Source)
    • 500061: Receive (Display)

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