Component-Composite Video Balun

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The Component/Composite Video Balun (500056, 500057) allows one component video (YPbPr or RGB) signal and one Composite Video signal to be transmitted via one Category 5E/6 twisted pair cable for more costefficient cabling.

Used in pairs, the Component/Composite Video Balun supports 480i/p, 720p and 1080i/p video formats for commercial and residential hi-definition (HDTV) video applications. Works in conjunction with MuxLab rack, wall and surface mounting accessories.

  • Supports 480i/p, 720p, 1080i/p
  • Supports 480i/p up to 1,000 ft (305m) via Cat5E/6
  • Supports 720p/1080i/p up to 500 ft (152m) via Cat 5E/6
  • Moulded colour-coded RCA cable leads
  • Supports composite video on fourth twisted pair
  • Modular shielded RJ45 connector
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