HDMI over IP Management Software

HDMI over IP Management Software

The HDMI over IP Management Software allows MuxLab's HDMI over IP encoders (500752-TX) to be routed to MuxLab's HDMI over IP decoders (500752-RX) thereby enabling a virtual matrix switch to be set up between multiple HDMI sources and HDMI displays via an Gigabit Ethernet LAN.

Get the software

MuxLab's HDMI over IP Software is available for download to customers who have purchased MuxLab's HDMI over IP Extenders (model 500752). Proof of purchase via product serial # is required for software download and will be requested in the coming steps.

Please fill in the form below and click 'Next step' to proceed and get an activation key* (required).

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Where was your 500752 hardware purchased from
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*You will need internet access during installation in order to get an activation key. If you will not have internet access during installation, please phone in to receive your activation code; 514-905-0588 x 358.

  • Allows any MuxLab Encoder (500752-TX) to be routed to any MuxLab Decoder (500752-RX)
  • Runs on windows
  • Controllable from any PC with LAN access via wired or wireless connection
  • Allows any HDMI encoder to be switched with any HDMI decoder
  • Supports matrix switch sizes up to 16x200
  • Supports any Gigabit Ethernet switch with IGMP enabled
  • Reset individual ports on the switch if required
  • Save default configuration to the switch in case of power failure
  • Supports PoE
  • Flexible and configurable GUI
  • Multiple network switches supported as long as they are located in the same subnet
  • Auto discovery of Device ID switches
  • Setup Wizard for easy device configuration
  • Detection of display power "On" or "Off"
  • Detection of valid HDMI signal on the source and the display

*MuxLab recommends using the Cisco SG300-10P 10-Port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch

Typical Applications

The HDMI over IP Management software can serve in many different settings, including home entertainment systems, bars & restaurants, airport display systems, and campus digital signage systems.

Application Diagram



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