Univ. Locking Power Supply 5VDC/2.6A US/UK/EU Blade

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Universal 5VDC/2.6A power supply, supporting a locking connector and three (3) interchangeable blades for North America, United Kingdom and Europe.

May be purchased separately to power MuxLab AV over IP PoE Extenders that are not being powered by an Ethernet LAN Switch capable of providing PoE.

The 500993 is compatible with the following MuxLab AV over IP Extenders: 500755, 500755-AMP-TX, 500756, 500757, 500758 and 500759.

  • Universal power supply, 5VDC/2.6A
  • Locking connector
  • Interchangeable blades for North America, United Kingdom and Europe
Weight 0.332 kg
Dimensions 2.28 H x 5.31 W x 8.66 L in (22.00 × 13.50 × 5.80 cm)
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