16 Port Rackmount Transceiver Chassis

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The 16-Port Rackmount Transceiver Chassis is designed as a head-end cable management solution, allowing any combination of up to sixteen (16) MuxLab Transceivers to be installed in a standard 19??? telecom relay rack.ÿ Head-end AV equipment such as DVD players, video servers and cable boxes may be installed in a local wiring closet and connected to the Cat5e/6 structured cabling system via a wide array of MuxLab Transceiver solutions. The Transceiver may be installed in either front or rear- facing orientation depending on the application. Blank filler plates can be ordered separately in quantities of four (4) (P/N: 500921). Mounting brackets for mounting 16 Transceivers to the rack are included, but additional brackets can be ordered separately in quantities of four (4) (P/N: 500922) for mounting two (2) transceivers to the rack.

The 16-Port Rackmount Transceiver Chassis fits most MuxLab Extenders including:

500112, 500114, 500451, 500451-PoE, 500453, 500454, 500454-PoE, 500456, 500753, 500754, 500755, 500756, 500757, 500758 and 500759.


  • Commercial and residential AV systems
  • Classroom projector systems
  • Digital signage
  • Boardroom systems
  • Collaborative PC systems
  • Supports up to 16 Transceivers
  • Space efficient 3U high, fitting a 19″ rack
  • Supports front or rear facing orientation
  • Includes bracket kits for 16 Transceivers and rack mounting hardware
  • Provides for neat installation and cabling
  • Blank filler plates (500921) and additional bracket kits (500922) sold separately
Weight 1.140 kg
Dimensions 2.17 H x 6.3 W x 9.84 L in (25.00 × 16.00 × 5.50 cm)

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