MuxMeet Share Dongle-U1

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The MuxMeet Share Dongle-U1 (model: 500828) is a USB-C Dongle that enables meeting participants using Windows or MAC based laptops to wirelessly share content with the push of a button, making connecting and sharing desktop screens in a meeting a simple and enjoyable experience.

The MuxMeet Share Dongle-U1 is easy to connect and easy to use. Thanks to its plug-and-play connectivity, there is no need to install drivers. Sharing your desktop screen is as easy as pushing a button on the attached MuxMeet Share Dongle-U1, and an LED indicates the unit status. This device works in conjunction with MuxMeet Share Base-1 or with MuxMeet Share Base-2. (MuxMeet Share Base-1 and MuxMeet Share Base-2 are sold separately.

  • Can be plugged to a Windows or Mac based laptop
  • Can wireless transmit the computer desktop to MuxMeet Share Base-1 or MuxMeet Share Base-2
  • Supports transmit the computer desktop in mirror or extend mode
  • Supports VESA PC resolution, auto-detecting
  • No driver installation required
  • With the push of a button, it is possible to start or stop a transmission
Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 0.46 H x 1.49 W x 3.5 L in (8.90 × 3.78 × 1.18 cm)

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