3G-SDI/ST2110 over IP Gateway Tranceiver, MM

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The 3G-SDI/ST2110 over IP Uncompressed Gateway Converter (Transceiver) supports the ST-2110 AV over IP protocol standard for Broadcast applications. This unit is a Transceiver and can be configured as a Transmitter or Receiver for added flexibility and convenience. The unit allows 3G-SDI equipment to be utilized in a broadcast environment over a network, while extending end point source and sink devices at up to 1300ft (400m) via duplex multimode OM4 fiber with LC connectors, and up to 100ft (30m) for the UTP model, at up to 1080p resolution @ 60Hz uncompressed, in a point-to-point configuration. Point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint configurations are also supported by connecting several units to a 10G Ethernet network. The device supports ST-2022-7 (Class D) Redundancy for critical fail-safe applications allowing the audio/video signal to run over two independent 10G Ethernet Networks. The unit provides a 1G Ethernet Network port for control via 3rd party management platforms supporting a RestAPI, or NMOS (IS-04 for discovery and IS-05 for connectivity management).


  • Commercial broadcast AV systems
  • News/sports/TV stations
  • Movie networks
  • Supports Uncompressed 3G-SDI video up to 1080p @ 60Hz and SMPTE ST-2110 over a 10G Ethernet network
  • Supports ST-2022-7 (Class D) Data Link Redundancy
  • Extend HDMI over an IP network at up to 1300ft (400m) over duplex OM4 fiber, and up to 100ft (30m) over UTP
  • Supports 100’s of Transmitters & Receivers depending on network bandwidth
  • Supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint applications
  • Supports two 10G Ethernet ports for redundant audio/video signal transmission
  • Supports a 1G Ethernet port for 3rd party unit control
  • Audio insert (TX) & audio extract (RX) ports (future use)
  • RS232 for remote control of end devices (future use)
  • Manage with 3rd party control software platforms supporting a Rest API and NMOS (IS-04 & IS-05)
Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 0.51 H x 1.7 W in (4.33 × 1.30 cm)

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