3G-SDI /RS232 over IP Transmitter with PoE

The 3G-SDI /RS232 over IP with PoE allows easy extension and distribution of broadcast quality SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI video with embedded audio over local area networks (LAN).

This low-latency and versatile solutionÿconsists of individual transmitter and receiver units which can be configured in a variety of combinations. It is a cost effective alternative to a dedicated SDI matrix switch. The 3G-SDI over IP extender allows users to send any SDI signals over CAT5/6 cable infrastructure instead of using the traditional SDI coax infrastructure, saving cable cost and making installation easy and fast. This solutionÿis ideal for many quality critical video/audio applications such as original video source contribution, live video delivery around the broadcast facility or running media exchanges between different studios within the facility.

Note: This device supports PoE (PD), and is intended to be powered via a PoE (PSE) Ethernet Switch. If a PoE (PSE) Ethernet Switch is unavailable, then the power supply (500993) may be purchased separately.

  • Supports up to 1080p resolutions
  • Motion JPEG compression with very low latency
  • Supports 100’s of Transmitters and Receivers, depending on network bandwidth
  • LAN Switch based configurations support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint
  • Extend transmission up to 330ft (100m) over an IP network (when a LAN Switch is used)
  • Extend transmission up to 400ft (120m) in a point-to-point configuration (when a LAN Switch is not used)
  • Supports RS232 and one way IR transmission for remote control of end devices
  • PoE Powered
  • Compatible with the 500811 ProDigital Network Controller for software management
  • Compatible with 500752, 500753, and 500754 products
Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 2.17 H x 5.91 W x 8.07 L in (20.50 × 15.00 × 5.50 cm)

3G-SDI, AV over IP, Copper/UTP, Ethernet, HD-SDI, IR, Motion JPG, PoE, SDI

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