MuxLab’s New DomoStream Delivers 4K Video over an IP Network with Support for All Audio Formats

ISE 2019, RAI AMSTERDAM– Today’s AV landscape has undeniably shifted to the IP-based network and leading solution providers such as MuxLab are making far-reaching advancements with this technology. One example is the new DomoStream solution from MuxLab. DomoStream was developed to accommodate the residential market with a high quality, cost-effective way to deliver 4K content anywhere. DomoStream can also satisfy commercial applications that demand the latest in audio/video technologies.

DomoStream (model 500778) transports AV content over an IP network connecting through an Ethernet Switch. It supports all HDMI devices at resolutions up to 4K (3840 x 2160@30Hz) with HDR. It passes-through all audio modes up to 8 channel LPCM, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Digital and 2CH audio can also be embedded at the source and extracted at the display location. The entire system can be managed and controlled through smart phones and tablets when combined with MuxLab’s ProDigital Network Controller and the updated MuxControl App, while also supporting RS-232 and directional IR for controlling end devices.

DomoStream boasts exceedingly low latency making it well suited for mission-critical installations where extremely detailed video is delivered instantly.

Director of Product Development for MuxLab, Joe Teixeira, commented, “What DomoStream represents for MuxLab is the next level of 4K video over an IP infrastructure with HDR support for stunning image reproduction, and support for all the latest audio formats developed. Essentially, DomoStream brings together the best in AV over IP technology, all in one streamlined affordable solution.”

When installed, each transmitter pairs with an AV source and each receiver pairs with a 4K display in almost unlimited multitudes depending on network bandwidth. Using the MuxControl App, users can simply select a display and instantly connect it with any source using an intuitive, graphically color-coded interface, running on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. MuxControl makes for an exceedingly simple system to operate, regardless of the system size. DomoStream brings the entertainment experience to new levels.