MuxLab’s 6G-SDI Extender Offers Return Channel for Seamless Monitoring

LAS VEGAS, NV, NAB 2017 BOOTH SL15717 – MuxLab will demonstrate at NAB how it’s 6G-SDI Extender over Fiber Optic with Return Channel supports many different scenarios when extending SDI cameras and other SDI sources to remotely placed mixers, displays and other sink SDI equipment. Broadcasters can extend the SDI signal up to 400 meters in distance using multimode fiber cabling (model 500734) or up to 10 (model 500734-SM10), 40 (model 500734-SM40) or 80 (model 500734-SM80) kilometers using singlemode fiber. All methods support 4K@30Hz resolutions for a high quality, low latency signal delivery regardless of the distance travelled.

This model transmits up to 9Gbps of data throughput that supports the delivery of multiple 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI and HD-SDI signals for even greater versatility. The unit supports 5 SDI ports for connectivity to SDI equipment and a fiber TX/RX port for extended transmission of the 5 SDI signals. Broadcasters can opt to send one 6G-SDI signal and one 3G-SDI over the same fiber cable or two 3G-SDI signals with two HD-SDI signals, and many other combinations. Nearly any combination is supported up to 9Gbps.

The Transmitter supports one SDI input port, one SDI return channel output port, plus three SDI ports that are directional and which can independently be used as either inputs or outputs. The Receiver has one SDI output port, one SDI return channel input port, and the same three directional SDI input or output ports. The system can be set-up to include one or more (up to four) SDI source signal channels, or one or more (up to four) return channels for AV monitoring and talk-back. The included RS-232 port can be used for return of tally light, camera control unit (CCU) and additional control over end devices. The five SDI signals and the RS232 signal are all transmitted over a single TX/RX duplex fiber cable.

Automatic SDI Link recognition and configuration plus a USB interface for diagnostics and firmware upgrades makes this a high-performing extension solution for broadcast, video production and mobile studios.
The 6G-SDI Extender over Fiber Optic with Return Channel is ideal for on-location and live media coverage applications at sporting, news and political events, capturing video directly to a mobile broadcasting vehicle, which can then transmit content downstream to a production studio. The return channel allows on-site announcers to view edited content returned from the mobile vehicle.