MuxLab Sends Uncompressed SDI over IP with Multiple Configuration Options

LAS VEGAS, NV, NAB 2017 BOOTH SL15717 – MuxLab’s new SDI over IP 4K Uncompressed Extender connects cameras and other video sources to displays up to 400 meters away. Numerous Transmitters and Receivers may be connected to a 10Gig Ethernet switch to support point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint configurations. Point-to-point configurations are also supported by connecting a Transmitter directly to a Receiver

Two models are available, one supporting fiber connectivity to an Ethernet switch (model 500767-MM) and the second supporting UTP connectivity (model 500767-UTP). HD/3G/6G-SDI video source and sink equipment can be extended up to 400 meters using multimode fiber cable, or up to 30 meters using standard CAT5/6 cable. Both scenarios support uncompressed video resolutions up to 4K@30Hz (4:4:4), providing unaltered high quality video transmission, with zero latency. Making use of 10Gig Ethernet switches with fiber stack ports, allows for even greater distance extensions between source and sink devices.

When combined with a 10Gig Ethernet switch, , the Extender supports the connection of potentially hundreds of connected sources and displays, depending on network bandwidth. A virtual matrix of broadcast cameras, mixers, displays and other related equipment may be interconnected and rearranged at the click of a mouse, all managed from a central location. This model also provides an RS232 port for remote control of end devices.

“This new extender is ideal for use in commercial broadcast AV systems and TV stations because it provides unprecedented flexibility and delivers uncompressed, high quality video with no latency, which is fundamental in this industry,” said MuxLab’s Product Manager, Joe Teixeira.

Users can control the entire connected AV system via smart phones and tablets when the system is configured using MuxLab’s ProDigital Network Controller (model 500811), which simplifies control options for a more user-friendly experience.

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MuxLab Sends Uncompressed SDI over IP NABPR1