MuxLab MuxLab Ships New Network Controller for Anywhere AV Access

MuxLab’s new Network Controller (model 500812-US) brings together all MuxLab AV over IP-connected equipment installed on a local area network (LAN), making each device accessible from anywhere when using the MuxControl App on a smart phone or tablet. It runs on a Linux-based system that provides a user friendly web interface designed to simplify even the most complex AV tasks.

The Network Controller’s auto-discovery feature scans the network and automatically identifies all MuxLab AV over IP equipment. Users can then more easily configure and control these products and their connected devices such as sources and displays through the Controller. Users can create everything from expansive video walls and virtual matrixed systems to more simple AV installations. Repetitive or custom tasks can be configured and saved as presets to be instantly recalled at any time, streamlining connectivity management. The Network Controller can also send RS232 and IR commands to Muxlab AV over IP devices to turn connected AV equipment on and off, such as sources and displays.

The Network Controller works hand in hand with the MuxControl App, also designed by MuxLab and available for both iOS and Android. This App supports all of the powerful features of the Network Controller from any smart phone or tablet, while offering additional capabilities to enhance ease of use. MuxControl supplies an intuitive graphical interface that replicates exact installations by uploading a photo of the environment. Users can also use preloaded interior layouts or create their own.  Source equipment is automatically color coded and displays take on the source’s color when connected. Rooms can be completely configured and easily navigated by swiping from room to room.  MuxControl also supports configurable virtual handheld remote controls with unique button configurations that enable users to customize their remote controls with button shapes, colors and more, then customize what each button controls, putting creativity and control in the hands of users and integrators.

The Network Controller can also be managed with MuxLab’s 8-Button IP PoE Control Panel (model 500816-IP), an attractive wall-mounted device that makes for a tidy, tailored installation. Each button is programmable and allows integrators to streamline the installation by supporting IP, RS-232, IR and Relay based commands that manage the Network Controller and other controllable devices. The control panel buttons can be configured and managed via a web interface allowing individual programming and IR learning.

To round out the various options for management, the Network Controller also supports an API for popular third-party App integration.