ProDigital Network Controller

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See below for recent Software v.2.1.4 updates.

The MuxLab ProDigital Network Controller is a Linux-based PC that allows users to control hub-installed MuxLab products via an Ethernet Web interface.

When installed on a local area network (LAN), the MuxLab Network Controller will scan the LAN for connected MuxLab AV over IP products allowing the user to auto-discover, configure and control the connectivity of these products through an Ethernet Web interface. The Controller may also be managed by MuxLab’s MuxControl App and the 500816-IP 8 Button IP PoE Control Panel. The unit may also be used to manage firmware upgrades of connected MuxLab devices.

An Application Program Interface (API) is available supporting a number of third party partner control applications running on smartphones and tablets.

Ethernet Switch Support Documents:

  1. Cisco Ethernet Switch Quick Setup Guide
  2. Luxul Ethernet Switch Quick Setup Guide
  3. NetGear Ethernet Switch Quick Setup Guide
  4. Huawei Ethernet Switch Quick Setup Guide

Click to Download the API Command document.

  • Centralized control of MuxLab AV over IP devices
  • Managed via Web Interface
  • Manages AV over IP device configuration & connectivity
  • Supports connectivity presets
  • May be managed by MuxControl App and 500816-IP 8 Button IP PoE Control Panel
  • Centralized management of AV over IP device firmware updates
  • Supports an API for Third Party App integration (*)
  • Serves as a base platform to develop automation control applications (*) Third party drivers available via MuxLab Website
  • Software v.2.1.4 updates:
    • 500762,500763,500764: Fixed discovery bug
    • 500760/500761: Fixed USB, audio and discovery bugs
    • 500850: Fixed matrix connection
    • 500800: HDCP fixes
    • 500758/500759: Added screenshot preview commands
    • 500800: Added screenshot and video preview commands
    • 500816-V2,500817: Updated support
    • 500762,500763,500764: Fixed remote source with multiview/videowall
    • 500812: Added reboot after network change
    • 500762,500763,500764: Fixed upload firmware bug
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