Surface Mount Transceiver Plate500916

The Surface Mount Transceiver Plate allows most MuxLab desktop transmitters and receivers to be installed on a wall or furniture surface for a more permanent and secure installation.


Head-end AV equipment such as DVD players, video servers and sat boxes may be installed in a local wiring closet and connected to the Cat5e/6 structured cabling system via a wide array of MuxLab desktop transceiver solutions.


The 500916 fully covers the transceiver and allows the connectors to be accessed for ease of use. Mounting ears are positioned to allow multiple fixtures to be installed next to each other.


The 500916 comes with four (4) mounting screws and plastic anchors for drywall (gyproc) in


  • One-piece design
  • Ease of install - no need to remove stand-offs
  • Includes four mounting screws and anchors
  • Transceivers sold separately

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