Stars ‘N’ Bars Abu Dhabi Streams Content for Immersive Experiences with MuxLab’s Video Wall over IP Solutions

Stars ‘N’ Bars Abu Dhabi is reimagining the legendary Stars ‘N’ Bars Monte Carlo experience right in their hometown with a pioneering sports bar that combines glamourous ambiance with front-line sports viewing on many displays mounted throughout the venue. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, Stars ‘N’ Bars provides an American-style experience in the center of Yas Island, offering classic sports bar fare including drinks and internationally inspired cuisine. At nights on the weekends, Stars ‘N’ Bars hosts various DJs and the sports bar transforms into a night club that immerses patrons in stunning video on the walls surrounding the dance floor that accompanies the driving dance music.

Installed by Link Data Systems (LDS), a IT and systems integration firm based in Abu Dhabi that provides scalable, high performance deployments of AV and IT infrastructures throughout the entire Gulf Region, the system boasts seamless 4k multi-screen video viewing on 60 displays fed by nine sources.

“The experience a patron has in this local Stars ‘N’ Bars is a critical component of the restaurant’s success,” said Sanja Stamenkovic, Project Manager with LDS. “Providing a quintessential American sports bar experience meant providing patrons with exciting opportunities to encounter all the various sporting events happening around the world at any given time, all in flawless 4k resolution. On the weekends, it’s visually spectacular when you’re on the dance floor surrounded by 4k images providing the one of the best video experiences in the region.”

LDS delivered a seamless video streaming service that the staff can easily operate; anyone can change content on an individual display or a group of displays from a touch screen interface. Content from nine different sources is routed throughout the facility using MuxLab’s Video Wall over IP solutions. Specifically, 50 MuxLab 4K over IP receivers, four Video Wall over IP receivers and nine MuxLab 4K over IP transmitters, each with PoE capabilities deliver AV from each source to any and all selected displays. MuxLab’s Video Wall solutions allow 4K@30Hz to be connected and extended to create a video walls of any user-configurable size supporting nearly unlimited displays, depending on network bandwidth.

MuxLab’s ProDigital Network Controller is interfaced with RTI and enables DJs and restaurant staff to very easily select sources and direct content throughout the venue. Future proofing for planned upgrades and network optimization included the installation of shielded CAT-6a cabling infrastructure supporting 10GB bandwidth at selected outlets.

“They are thrilled with the installation, and have a MuxLab system that is rich in features, totally reliable and very easy to use,” said Stamenkovic. “We say this very confidently because phase two has already been implemented in another location in Dubai using the same concept—all installed on time and within budget.”