8 Button IP PoE Control Panel

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The 8 Button IP PoE Control Panel (Model: 500816-IP) is a versatile wall or table-top mounted control panel for MuxLab AV over IP devices, select Matrix Switches, and third party products. Each button is programmable. The unit supports one (1) Ethernet port (for TCP/IP and Telnet), two (2) RS-232 ports, one (1) Infrared port, and two (2) Relay ports, for control of end devices. The 8 Button IP PoE Control Panel can control MuxLab products including MuxLab’s AV over IP system via the 500811 ProDigital Network Controller, MuxLab’s TCP/IP, Telnet and RS-232 managed Matrix Switches, as well as third party devices such as projectors and projector screens, displays, AV sources and other similar devices.

The 500816-IP supports a web interface, allowing it to be configured and managed via a browser. The web interface allows the unit keys to be programmed individually, supports IR learning and unit configuration.

  • 8 button control panel
  • Buttons can be individually programmed
  • Control end devices via TCP/IP, Telnet, RS232, IR & Relay
  • Programmable via Web Interface
  • Buttons are backlit and support customizable labels
  • May be wall or table top mounted
  • Supports firmware updates via Web Interface
Weight 0.470 kg
Dimensions 2.95 H x 7.09 W x 9.45 L in (24.00 × 18.00 × 7.50 cm)

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