HDMI Optical Isolator Kit

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The HDMI Optical Isolator (500462) allows HDMI equipment to be completely isolated and connected up to 984ft (300m), while allowing a unidirectional communication (with no return signaling) via one (1) LC 50/125 I¬m OM3 multimode fiber cable in a point-to-point configuration at 1080p resolution.

The HDMI Optical Isolator establishes a high separation between the source computer and the display devices preventing any potential leakage between the source and the peripheral equipment; removing the vulnerability of shared display equipment to cyber-attacks.

The kit comes with one (1) Transmitter, one (1) Receiver and two (2) power supply.

Typical markets: IT security market; government offices, army bodies and other sensitive IT offices. This product is targeted to be used for security against potential IT threat and should be used in highly sensitive environments.

  • Complete optical isolation between source and display
  • Unidirectional HDMI communication
  • No return signaling
  • Fixed EDID configuration
  • Up to 984ft (300m) @ 1080p via one (1) LC multimode fiber
Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 2.36 H x 5.31 W x 8.66 L in (22.00 × 13.50 × 6.00 cm)

1080p, Fiber, HDMI, Uncompressed

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