Success Story! MuxLab MonoPro XLR Successfully Deployed at Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival

MuxLab’s MonoPro XLR (500025) was successfully deployed in March 2013 at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2013. The MonoPro XLR was used to allow cost-efficient Cat5e cable to be connected between the concert audio control room audio rack and the two main stages, thereby replacing bulky XLR audio cable.

The cable lengths between the audio control room and the stages were between 300m and 400m, well within the performance specifications of the MonoPro XLR. Two main stage audio racks in different locations using Digico consoles were connected to the main rack in the broadcast room via MuxLab models 500025 & 500026. Four main audio outputs from each stage were being sent to the broadcast room.

According to Richard Goh, MuxLab Sales Manager for Asia, the audio quality exceeded acceptable levels required by the sound systems engineers. To ensure a smooth event, testing took place before hand.

The Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival is considered the most important venue of its kind in the area.

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For more information on the Java Jazz Festival please click here.

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