Strategic Partner Control Systems Enhance MuxLab AV over IP Systems Performance

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LAS VEGAS, NV – MuxLab is solidifying its third party connection with its partners program. The program is currently established with five partners and is growing to facilitate seamless control and integration of MuxLab’s AV over IP systems. These partners help simplify the control of MuxLab products on any smartphone or tablet.

The five companies are Control4, DemoPad, On Controls, RTI and Universal Remote Control. These are key partners with whom MuxLab works to achieve an easier way to control MuxLab AV devices, with an enhanced user experience.  Because they are leaders in the software development of control applications that run on smartphones and tablets, they provide MuxLab customers with unprecedented access to their AV equipment. This makes complex matrix system switching easy and simple. In some applications, users simply point and click or tap their sources to assign them to one or more displays when using MuxLab’s video wall system.

“As an example of simplifying device management, each source may be assigned a color, and connected displays are automatically given the same color as the source it is connected with, making for an easy and intuitive system to manage, which is very attractive to end users,” explained MuxLab President Daniel Assaraf. “Restaurants and multi-classroom installations are only a small sample of the type of end users that make use of MuxLab AV solutions and these partner control systems.”

One prime example is the recent installation at Cage Aux Sport restaurant in Quebec, Canada with partner, On Controls. MuxLab provided the infrastructure to distribute sporting events to a large, 18 display video wall for an engaging atmosphere. Cage Aux Sports implemented On Controls software using a wireless tablet with the ability to manage the large-scale video wall assignments.

The video wall and displays can co-exist over the same Ethernet network and the system can easily be scaled up or down at any time. Matrix switching and video wall screen re-configuration (including creating sub-video walls) can be easily managed remotely via the wireless tablet or smartphone. In addition to all the added versatility and control that MuxLab’s AV over IP technology provides, installers can create these systems at a lower cost than was possible with previous technologies.

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