MuxLab’s User-Friendly APP Manages AV over IP Connectivity

Continuing MuxLab’s commitment to pioneering comprehensive AV over IP infrastructures for both residential and commercial applications, the company announced the availability of its new MuxControl app. This intuitively designed system, now available for download, gives users complete control of their AV systems based on IP-connectivity from any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.

Users can easily control the connectivity of their AV over IP installation using an intuitive, color coded graphical interface. Room layouts can be quickly tailored to match the actual environment. Simply take a picture of your room with your smartphone or tablet and instantly use it as a backdrop, or make use of an overhead floor plan view for larger installations. Connected displays automatically take on the color of the source they are connected to for simple identification.

“Enhancing the user experience via any mobile platform allows us to not only empower end users but provide integrators with a solution that they themselves can set-up and turn over to their customers with full confidence in their ability to operate devices autonomously,” said MuxLab’s Director of Product Management, Joe Teixeira.

Further personalizing the user experience for the customer, MuxControl allows users to create sources that can be graphically represented from a library of options. Content can then be instantly directed to specific zones using simple, attractive and color-coded icons that represent connected equipment. Birds-eye room layouts simplify the task of identifying equipment within a zone, or users can opt for the traditional listing of connected equipment. On-board customizable templates include options for both residential and commercial installations.

The new software includes enhanced features such as the ability to support multi-zones, giving access to various locations from the palm of a hand, making even complex systems much more convenient to control. Repetitive tasks can be preconfigured and instantly activated. Users can create very expansive video walls of almost any user-defined size that support up to 4K@60Hz resolutions.

“MuxControl gives users an easy and intuitive method of accessing equipment,” added Teixeira. “It also automatically syncs with other access and control devices via the cloud so that system functionality is always coherent.”

Users can download the app for a one-time cost of $29.99.