MuxLab Shows New Gateway Converters for Sending AV over IP with ST-2110

Two new Gateway Converters from MuxLab transport 3G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 in broadcast environments. Connected to a 10G Ethernet network, both solutions allow an uncompressed delivery of resolutions up to 4K for HDMI and 1080p for 3G-SDI. The cabling costs associated with signal extension such as fiber optics are eliminated while camera mobility is enhanced.

The 3G-SDI/ST2110 over IP Uncompressed Gateway Converter (model 500767) supports ST-2110 standards and connects SDI cameras and equipment to a 10G Ethernet network. Multiple sources can be delivered to multiple displays in nearly unlimited virtual matrix configurations with near zero latency. Support for uncompressed resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz and the ability to assign AV to any display on the network makes this a valuable performer in both the studio and field.  A more traditional point-to-point configuration is possible by connecting the sender to the receiver from up to 30m in distance using CAT6a/7 cable or up to 400m using duplex multi-mode fiber. An RS232 port allows remote control of end devices.

The HDMI 2.0/ST2110 over IP Uncompressed Gateway Converter (model 500774) also supports ST-2110 and can be used on the same 10G Ethernet network as the 3G-SDI model. It enables the use of lower cost HDMI 2.0 equipment in a broadcast environment. One-to-many and many-to-many configurations are possible when connected via a 10G Ethernet Switch. One-to-one distributions are possible supporting uncompressed 4K@60Hz up to 400m using duplex multi-mode fiber.

MuxLab’s Pro Digital Network Controller (model 500811) can be connected to configure and control all connected equipment from any smartphone, tablet or third-party control system. When paired with the third generation MuxControl App, available for both Android and iOS systems, broadcasters can enjoy tremendous freedom to operate AV from nearly anywhere.