MuxLab Releases Powered Rackmount System Designed for its line of IP over Coax Extenders

Introducing the Complete Racking System for IP over Coax Structured Cabling Solutions

ISC WEST 2014, LAS VEGAS, NV, Booth #2040 – MuxLab Inc. is pleased to announce and present at ISC West its new 3 and 16 slot Rackmount Transceiver Chassis which provide a complete racking solution for its IP over Coax structured cabling solutions. The new 3 Port Rackmount Transceiver Chassis and 16 Port Rackmount and Rackmount Powered IP Transceiver Chassis are available for purchase as of May 2014.

The new chassis are designed to support the wide variety of MuxLab IP over Coax transmitters and receivers and are standard 19″, rack mountable. The Rackmount comes in a powered version for a simple and easy solution to power up active units.

Some of the many products suited for the new rackmounts include the line of LongReach CCTV IP PoE extenders & the shorter distance CCTV IP PoE Extenders both over Coax cable. MuxLab’s line of CCTV IP Extenders over Cat5e/6 cable are also designed to fit in the chassis. The Rackmounts will also hold the soon to be released LongReach CCTV IP PoE Extender Kit, 3,300 ft (1 km).

“The powered 16 Port rack is a unique structured cabling solution as it can accept multiple receivers at different distances and it also addresses different power needs of the IP over Coax application”, states Daniel Assaraf, MuxLab’s CEO. “This powered rack is a distinctive solution in the market at this time”.

MuxLab extenders range in distance from 50 ft to 3,300 ft (1 km). Active units with power come in both 15W & 30W versions. The new chassis enrich the complete structured cabling solution that MuxLab offers to the IP over Coax and CCTV markets.