ISE 2018 News: MuxLab Debuts New Digital Signage Media Player

Cost-Effective Media Player Offers Reliable Streaming Options with Up-Scaling for a True 4K Performance

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – MuxLab’s new HDMI 2.0 Digital Signage Media Player (model 500769) offers an expanded scope of functionality with the flexibility to support even complex signage projects including video walls streaming 4K@60Hz content. For maximum diversity, it accepts different types of AV inputs including streaming content via the H.264/H.265 codec over a local Ethernet network or the Internet, internal memory drive and external USB 3.0 memory device. Video is output up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) and can be delivered directly to a display or to an AV over IP transmitter to create virtual matrix configurations and video walls using Ethernet connectivity as the backbone of the entire infrastructure. Connection of the Media Player to an Ethernet switch can be from up to 100m in distance using Cat5e/6 cable.

MuxLab’s Media Player is capable of receiving local and streaming content from multiple sources with an easy method of remote management to run digital signage networks more effectively. It operates in a low bandwidth and expandable manner, allowing users to access content that is delivered to various installations around the world via the Internet. Using an intuitive web interface accessible through any browser on Windows-based PCs, Androids or iOS devices, users are guided through the system’s setup and configuration process. Automated tasks can be scheduled such as a timed playback of content for the entire week. The system was designed with a focus on exceptional ease of use, plus it can be integrated with an API for optional third-party control.

With support for Multiview applications, MuxLab’s Media Player can deliver 4K content to a video wall with a range of sizes as is often the case in complex video wall projects. It can play multiple sources on multiple sub-windows on a single display as well as many other video wall combinations.

Video received through the Media Player can be up-scaled to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) including audio streams. Audio can be extracted from the video and delivered on an SPDIF (TosLink) connector. PoE allows the player to be powered by the Ethernet Switch. Potentially hundreds of sources and displays can be played and controlled depending on network bandwidth.

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