Features to help your business expand to the next level.

DigiSign has a long list of features that will guide your business in engaging content and ease the interactions with your clients.

Smart and easy to use features
to connect with your audience.

Key features to transform your screens into real-time engagement tools.


Manage with just a few clicks.

Stay on track and schedule content daily, monthly, and even yearly. Easily program your loops and when you want your content to repeat.

Schedule content with ease
using our friendly interface.

Easy to configure and set up for the first time. Quickly manage units and push content to one or more units with our easy to navigate interface.


Create and modify layouts in seconds.

Drag and drop assets or create and embed your own code. DigiSign allows you to add your custom HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript. You can also build and export a web page (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) with ease by dragging and dropping your elements.

Your security is top of mind.

Units can only be accessed through authorized DigiSign CMS apps and user needs to be logged in. Our players can run with our without internet to support even the most secure setups.


Infinite possibilities with
our features, apps and widgets.

Extensive and ever growing list of widgets:
Weather, Google Maps, Countdown, Stocks, Exchange Rates, Music, Clock, RSS feed, Ticker, Video Stream, Image Stream, Slideshow and more!

True 4k Video

3840x2160 resolution @ 60fps frame rate.


Quality playback using H.265 technology.

Full HD

Clean and crisp playback at 1920x1080p60 video.

HTML5 From the Ground Up

HTML5, JS and CSS are first-class citizens in DigiSign allowing seamless integration. 

DUAL HDMI out ports
Dual 4K60 HDMI out ports

Two 4K60 HDMI ports (applies only to model 500789).

Dual 4K decoding@2x
Dual 4K Decoding

Play two 4K60 full resolution videos simultaneously.

Live Feeds

Keep content up to date without ever needing to republish. Use Live Feeds, RSS and copy-paste embed code from any websites.


Playback options from any type of interactive device including touch screens, scanners, sensors and much more.

Digital sound@2x
Digital Sound

Offer perfectly clear audio and the purest digital surround sound to your content.

Keyword Dictionary@2x
Keyword Dictionary
Set up keywords to dynamically fetch the right text to show on the screen. Show dynamic pricing without changing slides.
Sign Preview

WYSIWYG editor where you can see your content exactly how it will appear as you edit! Also view the presentation from start to finish using the preview tool.

Portrait Mode and Custom Aspect Ratios

Design and deploy your content on rotated screens for portrait mode, and for custom aspect ratios!

Stream Videos over the Network

Stream videos via the RTSP and HLS protocols, as well as embed any videos using HTML Embed Codes. Multicast and TS available on model 500799.

Slide Preview

See what your content will look instantly with a single click right from the app.

Live Screen Preview

DigiSign allows you to see what’s playing live on any unit, at anytime.

Multi Zones and Interlaping Zones

Playback multiple content types and multiple videos on a single screen using zones.


Create as many independent zones as you like. Align them, mix them, or overlap them.

Network Tagging

Customise your digital signage using media tags and player tags.
- coming soon -

Expandable USB Storage support

Get more storage by connecting a USB drive.
- coming soon -

Get more with DigiSign

With interactive mode the applications possibilities are illimited.
Connect to your audience in a entire new level and expand your business possibilities.


Proof of Play

Get reports of what played so you can bill your customers for playing their ads.

Interactive Mode Scripts

Run your custom scripts within interactive mode.

Interactive Mode Gestures

Now supports gestures such as touch and swipe.

Create beautiful and intricate
media templates in a user friendly way.

User friendly experience to create designs with our ever growing library of templates.