Warranty Policy

Effective September 1, 2014

Muxlab Inc. (herein after ‘MuxLab’) warrants products of its manufacture to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, conditions, and service according to the below terms;



Muxlab guarantees repairs or replacements, regardless of costs, for any product still under warranty.

Muxlab can however, deny a warranty replacement or repair. Limited warranty excludes services and repairs on damage to the product resulting from the below;

• Accident

• Disaster

• Misuse

• Abuse

• Unauthorized modifications

• Normal decay of battery driven devices

Should a product be repaired or replaced outside of its warranty period, Muxlab will cover the product with a ninety (90) day limited warranty.

*Limited warranty exclusions as described above apply

Extended warranty: Muxlab may offer, at buyer’s expense, extended warranty coverage. Cost and extension of warranty is to be discussed and agreed on by both parties.

Warranty Period: The warranty period commences on the date represented on the buyer’s invoice.

Transportation of items under warranty: The transportation, handling and insurance charges are to be prepaid by the buyer for return to Muxlab. Muxlab is responsible for shipping charges for return of merchandise to the buyer.

Warranty Procedure: In order to repair, replace, or credit a warrantied product, buyer must contact Muxlab Technical Support to attempt troubleshooting or validate the product failure. If failure is confirmed, Muxlab will issue a Return Material Authorization number (RMA) to the customer. Products having not received a Return Material Authorization number may not be returned to Muxlab. If such products are received, Muxlab has the right to cancel said warranty.

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