Application Notes

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Wiring Standard RJ45. MuxLab products conform to the EIA568 wiring standard Link
What is a Balun? What is a Balun? Download support file What is a Balun?
VGA Balun A&E Architectural and Engineering Specification for the VGA Balun (500010/11/14) Download support file VGA Balun A&E
VGA Validation Testing of the VGA Balun II (500040/41/42/43) with Apple Macintosh Computers Download support file VGA
S-Video Balun (500016) Recommendation by stage lighting and control specialist to use the S-Video Balun in its installations Link
RGB Video Technical Bulletin - RGB Balun (500002) Download support file RGB Video
PTZ balun validation Tests results PTZ balun validation Tests results (CCTV) Download support file PTZ balun validation Tests results
MuxLab Product Summary Spreadsheet Spreadsheet of MuxLab product line with description, product weight, dimensions, UPC code, Country of Origin Link

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