[DISCONTINUED] HDMI IR Receiver with Source Control500417

The HDMI IR/Receiver allows any HDMI source to be selected via MuxLab’s HDMI 4×4 Matrix Switch from the remote display. Also, the product features an IR jack to allow the HDMI source to be controlled.

The product supports 1080p Deep Color up to 150 ft (46m) via two (2) Cat6 cables and includes one (1) IR Sensor and one (1) power suppl


  • Works with HDMI 4x4 Matrix Switch (500415)
  • Up to 150 ft (46m) @ 1080p Deep Color via Cat6
  • Up to 300 ft (91m) @ 1080i via Cat5e/6
  • Connect via two (2) Cat5e/6 cables
  • Includes IR Sensor and handheld remote
  • Pushbutton control

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