HDMI Extender Kit, HDBaseT Lite, UHD-4K, PoE500451-PoE, 500451-PoE-RX

The MuxLab HDMI / HDBaseT Extender Kit with PoE connects digital AV equipment to distances up to 131ft (40m) at 4K UHD, or up to 230 ft (70m) at resolutions up to 1080p via single Cat5e/6 cable.

For neater installation at the screen the extender kit features PoE (TX to RX). This kit comes with one (1) transmitter and one (1) receiver.


  • Supports 1080p Deep Color and full 3D to distances of up to 230ft (70m) over single Cat5e/6
  • Supports 4K @ 24/25/30fps to distances of up to 131ft (40m) over single Cat5e/6
  • Supports Bi-directional IR pass through
  • Supports all digital audio modes
  • PoE from transmitter to receiver unit
  • Includes one (1) IR emitter (500998) and one (1) IR sensor (500999)
  • Compatible with MuxLab 500451 (non PoE version)

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