HDMI Extender Kit, 110-220V500401

The HDMI Extender Kit, 110-220V allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 150 ft (45m) via two (2) Cat5e unshielded twisted pair cables in a point-to-point configuration at 1080p resolution. The product also supports 1080p Deep Color up to 90 ft (27m) via Cat6 cable. The kit come with one (1) transmitter, one (1) receiver and one (1) power supply


  • Up to 150 ft (45m) @ 1080p via Cat5e
  • Up to 90ft ft (27m) @ 1080p Deep Color via Cat6
  • Connect via two (2) Cat5e/6 cables
  • May be used with MuxLab mounting accessories

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