AV over IP 4K/60 Uncompressed TX / RX, Fiber500761-TX, 500761-RX

Sends HDMI and DisplayPort at 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) over an Ethernet network to create video walls, virtual matrix or virtual splitter arrangements. This device connects to the Ethernet Switch via multi-mode fiber at distances up to 300m with OM3 fiber and up to 400m with OM4 fiber.


  • HDMI & DisplayPort 1.2a up to 4K/60 (4:4:4)
  • Uncompressed up to 4K/60 (4:2:0) (zero latency)
  • Light compression at 4K/60 (4:4:4) (<1 frame latency)
  • Supports virtual video wall, matrix, switcher & splitter applications
  • Up to 400m distance via OM4 multimode fiber
  • Supports audio insert & audio extract
  • RS232 & 2-way IR for remote control of end-devices
  • Supports HDR

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