HDMI / HDBT 1x4 Splitter500424

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The HDMI/HDBT 1×4 Splitter, UHD-4K is a HDBT Splitter accepting 1 HDMI input and distributing to 4 HDBT outputs, plus 1 HDMI output for local monitoring or for cascading up to four other splitters.

The unit allows uncompressed 4K @ 30Hz HDMI, RS232 and IR signals to be transmitted over a single CAT5e/6 cable up to 131ft (40m) and a 1080p signal up to 230ft (70m). The HDMI/HDBT 1×4 Splitter is also capable of bi-directional IR transmission and EDID management.

The 500454-RX HDBT Receiver is recommended as a companion device for the extended HDBT signal.

Typical Applications

  • Commercial and residential AV systems
  • Classroom training systems
  • Digital signage
  • Boardroom systems
  • Collaborative PC systems
  • Medical information systems


  • Distribute one HDMI 1.4 & 3D source to four displays
  • Supports up to 4K @ 30Hz (4:4:4)
  • HDCP 1.4 compliant
  • Supports PCM, Dolby True HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Supports RS232 and IR transmission for remote control
  • EDID management
  • Connectors on rear for neater cabling
  • LED diagnostics

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