8 Button IP PoE Control Panel500816-IP

The 8 Button IP PoE Control Panel is a versatile wall or table-top mounted control panel for MuxLab AV over IP devices, and select Matrix Switches, and third party products. Each button is programmable. The unit supports one (1) Ethernet port for TCP/IP and Telnet, two (2) RS232 ports, one (1) Infrared port, and two (2) Relay ports for control of end devices. The 8 Button IP PoE Control Panel can control MuxLab products including MuxLab’s AV over IP system via the 500811 ProDigital Network Controller, MuxLab’s TCP/IP, Telnet and RS232 manged Matrix Switches, as well as third party devices such as projectors and projector screens, displays, AV sources and other similar devices.


  • Commercial and residential AV systems
  • Classroom AV systems
  • Boardroom systems
  • Home Theatre
  • Showroom


  • 8 button control panel
  • Buttons can be individually programmed
  • Control end devices via TCP/IP, Telnet, RS232, IR & Relay
  • Programmable via Web Interface
  • Buttons are backlit and support customizable labels
  • May be wall or table top mounted
  • Supports firmware updates via Web Interface

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