8 x 8 Cat 5e/6 Line Level Audio Matrix Switch500210

The 8 x 8 Cat 5e/6 Line Level Audio Matrix Switch supports audio switching between multiple audio sources and distribution via Cat 5e/6 cable.


The Cat 5e/6 Line Level Audio Matrix Switch provides full non-blocking port switching and distribution between multiple stereo line level analog audio sources. The Audio Matrix Switch uses RJ45 connectors and works in conjunction with MuxLab’s stereo audio balun (500019, 500027, 500028 and 500030) and digital audio balun (500020).


The product provides port buffering, unity gain compensation and ground loop isolation. The Switch can be managed via push-button, IR, RS232, Ethernet, Web Server, or 3rd


  • Compatible with MuxLab's stereo audio balun (500019, 500027, 500028 and 500030)
  • Compatible with MuxLab's digital audio balun (500020)
  • RCA audio jack for input, RJ45 jack for output to preserve investment in structured cabling system
  • Port buffering
  • Volume control
  • Non-blocking switching and distribution
  • Ground loop isolation
  • Management via push-button, IR, RS232, Ethernet, Web Server, or 3rd party software

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