[DISCONTINUED] Passive CCTV Hub500131

This product is discontinued. Suggested replacement product: Passive CCTV Hub (Part # 500130)

The Passive CCTV CCTV Hub allows video, remote power and PTZ control to be transmitted via one 4-pair Cat5 cable, thus eliminating the need to install multiple cables for more efficient cabling in the security video environment. There are two 16-port models: 500130; with coax video output and 500131; with twisted pair video output. The Passive CCTV Hub works in conjunction with the 500022, 500024, 500029, 500000, 500009, 500023, 500015 and 500120.



  • Port switch to set Power-Thru or Pass-Thru mode
  • Pin configuration table on unit
  • Space efficient, rackmountable

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