CCTV IP PoE Extender 2-Pack500111-2PK

The CCTV IP PoE Extender allows one IP camera to be connected via a single 75-ohm coax cable in a point-to-point configuration*. The product works in pairs and the power consumption is low enough so that it does not load the PoE source or switch. The maximum distance depends on the grade of coax cable and the power consumption of the camera.


Note: In order to insure optimal operation, Muxlab requires that the 500111 be used in conjunction with a Gigabit PoE Switch. 


Muxlab recommends the following:

D-Link Smart Switch: DGS-1210 Series 

HP Managed Switch: 2530 series 

Cisco Managed Switch: SG300 Series 

Trendnet Web Smart Switch Series


  • Connects IP PoE camera to 10/100BaseT PoE Switch via single coax cable
  • Up to 1,600 ft (500m) @ 10Mbps @ 7W
  • Up to 330 ft (100m) @ 100Mbps @ 14W
  • Used in pairs
  • Preserve investment in legacy coax
  • Ease of migration to IP surveillance
  • Includes (2) CCTV IP Econo PoE Extenders (2 x 500111)

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