CCTV Power-Thru Balun500024, 500029

The CCTV Power-Thru Balun allows video and remote power to be transmitted via one 4-pair Cat5e/6 cable, eliminating the need to install multiple cables for more efficient cabling in the CCTV security and surveillance environment. The Power-Thru Balun may be used in pairs or in conjunction with standard twisted pair cross-connect devices and other MuxLab CCTV baluns such as the 500000, 500009, 500015 and 500023.



  • Combines video and remote power under one 4-pair Cat5e/6 cable for more efficient cabling
  • Video up to 2,200 ft (670m) via Cat5e/6 UTP*
  • Remote power up to 500ft (170m)@ 24VAC/5V via three (3) twisted pairs

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