LongReach CCTV IP PoE Extender Kit, 600m500115

The LongReach CCTV IP PoE Extender Kit, 600m allows one IP camera (up to 30 Watts) to be connected up to 1969ft (600m) via a single 75-ohm coax cable in a point-to-point configuration. The maximum distance depends on the grade and quality of coaxial cable used, and if PoE is used. An optional 56VDC (65W) Power Supply (sold separately) can be used if required, which also helps to extend distance.


  • CCTV IP surveillance for:
  • Campus
  • Highways
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Commercial complexe


  • Supports one IP PoE camera via one coax cable
  • Supports CCTV IP PoE cameras up to 30W
  • Up to 3281ft (1000m) via coax @ 100Mbps (without PoE)
  • Up to 1969ft (600m) via coax @ 100Mbps (with PoE)
  • Up to 330ft (100m) on a Cat 5e/6 UTP cable LAN connection
  • LED indicators for IP traffic

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