[DISCONTINUED] 16 Port Rackmount IP Transceiver Chassis500906

This product is discontinued. Suggested replacement product: 16 Port Rackmount Transceiver Chassis (Part # 500920)

Designed for larger commercial and residential applications, the Rackmount Powered IP Transceiver Chassis allows 16 MuxLab desktop transceivers to be mounted in a 3U 19″?? relay rack for custom audio-video applications where the source equipment is installed in a central wiring room.


Supports the line of LongReach CCTV IP PoE extenders & the shorter distance CCTV IP PoE Extenders both over Coax cable. MuxLab’s line of CCTV IP Extenders over Cat5e/6 cable are also designed to fit in the chassis.



Custom AV installations

Head-end audio-video systems

Home and commercial AV systems

Boardroom systems

Surveillance systems

Digital signage syste


  • Space efficient - 3U height
  • One-piece design
  • Thumbscrew mechanism for secure installation
  • Supports up to sixteen transceivers
  • Includes bracket kits for four transceivers
  • Blank filler modules (500907) & additional brackets (500908) sold separately

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